Holidays to Cambodia


Spectacular scenery… Elaborate temples…. Relaxed atmosphere… It’s no wonder Cambodia has come into its own in recent years. Shaking off the chains of its troubled past, this captivating country has emerged as a one-stop holiday destination, whether you’re looking to indulge your love of architecture, lounge on the beach or experience the traditional way of life. And because its tourism industry is still relatively undeveloped, you’ll discover authentic experiences nearly everywhere you go.

Angkor Archaeological Park is undoubtedly the country’s best known – and best loved – attraction. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is home to Angkor Wat, an iconic temple complex and the biggest religious building in the world, as well as scores of other temples and monuments. While Cambodia may not be able to compete with Thailand in terms of numbers, it might just have the upper hand when it comes to stunning detail. An Instagram classic #watapicture.

Floating villages are another often photographed sight in Cambodia. Found on Tonlé Sap Lake and along its many rivers, these clusters of stilt houses and house boats are a great place to meet locals and see how they live. Cambodia still has some untouched regions, featuring rainforest and wildlife. Koh Kong is a nature-lover’s paradise, and the country’s premier ecotourism destination. The Cambodian Coast may not be the first place you think of for a beach holiday, but once you arrive on the soft white sands, and explore the small fishing village of Kep, you’ll soon change your mind.

Of course you can’t visit Cambodia without acknowledging its dark history: the brutal Khmer Rouge regime. There are plenty of places where you can pay your respects and learn more about this horrific time, including the Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum in Phnom Penh, and Killing Fields throughout the country. But Cambodia is moving forward, too. Cities such as Phnom Penh have plenty on offer for the sophisticated, cosmopolitan traveller, from boutique shops and buzzy nightlife, to creative cuisine and a vibrant cultural scene. Up-and-coming Battambang is getting in on the act too, garnering a reputation for its contemporary arts scene.

Wherever you choose to go in Cambodia, you can be sure of an experience you’ll never forget.


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  • Explore Angkor Archaeological Park

  • Some of Asia's best preserved colonial architecture

  • Escape to the wilderness

Key info

  • Capital city: Phnom Penh

  • Language: Khmer

  • Currency: Cambodian Riel

  • Time difference: GMT + 7 hours

  • Flight time: 14 hours to Phnom Penh via Bangkok

Cambodia Trip Ideas

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Places to go in Cambodia

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Things to do in Cambodia

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Map of Cambodia

When to go to Cambodia

The most ideal time to visit Cambodia is from December to March, when the weather will be dry and the heat will be pleasant. If you want the best of Cambodia, then the months after the rainy seasons may be better: from August to November. The rains will have increased the water levels, making them high enough to take a boat out on Tonle Sap Lake and see the floating villages. At the Angkor temples, the moats and pools around the temples will be full of water giving you a unique view most people don't get when visiting.



Good weather conditions throughout Cambodia with little to no rain  



Good weather throughout Cambodia with temperatures gradually rising throughout the month, with lunchtime shade most welcome.  



Hot weather generally across the region, with cooler temperatures in the North east. Keep day tours short and enjoy the sun fully on the beach.  



Very hot generally across the region, although the beaches will feel pleasant in the heat.  



Dry and hot with sporadic spells of rain. Angkor temples will see less crowds and the rainfall will bring the humidity down.  



Wet throughout most of the region, especially in the North East where the rains will make travelling around difficult.  



Very wet, but with some dry days. Thunder clouds will create some spectacular views during this time as well.  



Rainfall will reach its peak but it will be a good time to visit Tonle Sap, with water levels will be high enough to see the floating villages by boat.  



Wet and warm with lots of rain, making it a good time to visit floating villages and flooded forests. The moat and pools around Angkor temples will be full of water.  



Warm with less rainy days. Tonle Sap Lake will be at its fullest and the waterfalls in the Northeast will be full of flowing water.  



Start of the dry season with a few short showers early in the month. Now is the perfect time to visit Tonle Sap, with warm weather but a lake full of water.  



One of the best times to visit with dry sunny weather and relatively low humidity.