Okavango Delta Night Safari

You’ll really get to know Botswana's wildlife on this evening game drive through the Okavango Delta. With the moonlight and stars casting light over the game park, night drives tend to provide the most dramatic and unusual sightings, making this experience truly unique and one that will certainly be a highlight of your time in Botswana.

As the stars come out you, will set off in a custom 4x4 vehicle with a professional guide in search of the delta’s nocturnal animals. You will need to keep your eyes peeled and be on a constant lookout to spot the secretive animals (such as leopards) which are more likely to emerge as darkness falls.

Part of the excitement of a night safari is the unknown, with everything masked by the darkness, as well as the potential of seeing some dramatic animal interactions and hunting predators. Whilst night drives are not permitted in all the parks in Botswana, there are some private reserves where this experience is offered, and it can either be private or shared.


  • See some dramatic animal interactions

  • Spot local wildlife under the stars and moonlight

  • Venture out into the delta at night to spot nocturnal animals

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