Great Migration, Maasai Mara

As featured on David Attenborough's "Dynasties", the Great Migration is an epic, treacherous journey which really must be seen to be believed. Travelling from the Western Serengeti and heading north, following the rains, the legendary Great Migration heads into Kenya during the months of August and September. The Maasai Mara forms the stage for the last leg of Africa’s most gruelling marathon, the survivors having battled through the Serengeti and Mara Rivers, avoiding predators lying in wait.

Once on the grasslands of the Maasai Mara, the wildebeest take the opportunity to fatten up, travelling from pasture to pasture.

Talk to us about how you can incorporate the Great Migration into your trip. We will hand pick a travelling camp, and can set you up with game drives to take in the wildebeest. Go a step further and take a hot air balloon to get a spectacular bird’s eye view, possibly the only way to truly grasp the sheer numbers of this four-legged ocean.


  • Witness the ‘World Cup of Wildlife’

  • Watch over one million animals arriving at the green plains of the Maasai Mara

  • August to October only

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I really do think that Kenya is one of the most adventurous and fun safari destinations. Flying in a bi-plane over Lewa WIldlife Conservancy with a birds eye view of the giraffe and elephant below, I felt like I’d gone back in time to an older safari era.

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