Shetani Lava Flow Visit, Tsavo National Park

On collection from your hotel, transfer with your guide to the Shetani Lava Flow. A geologically scenic formation with uneven black magma chunks and a dark cave with razor sharp rocks. This is a must visit of Tsavo National Park.

This lava flow gives you a remarkable insight into what the earth may have looked like whilst it was being formed. It's an amazing natural wonder, whilst also being the subject of much local superstition. The word 'Shetani' means 'devil' in the local language of Kenya – KiSwahili. These flows were formed around 500 years ago and when the local people first saw the fire and lava erupting and flowing from the volcano and onto the ground they believed it was the devil himself emerging from the bowels of the earth.

This vast expanse of folded black lava spreads for thirty square miles across the savannah, near the Chyulu Hills. The last major eruption here is believed to have taken place around 200 years ago. Incredibly, there are plants growing through the solidified lava and it's also possible to follow the lava flow to the ruined cinder cone of Shetani, from which the views are spectacular.

Once you have had your fill, head back to your accommodation with your guide and vehicle.



  • Explore the Shetani caves

  • Learn about the local beliefs and superstitions

  • Walk along the solidified lava flow

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