Rhino Tracking, Damaraland

If you’ve ever fancied tracking a rhino on foot in the wild, this is your chance. There aren’t many countries in Africa where you can do this, but Namibia offers excellent rhino tracking opportunities. For this you’ll head to the Damaraland region in northern Namibia, home of the largest concentration of black rhinos outside of a national park.

You’ll find Damaraland between the Skeleton Coast in the west and the Etosha National Park in the east. The region is a truly underrated wildlife spot, and one of the country’s last unofficial wildlife areas. As well as the critically endangered black rhino, it’s also home to elephants and lions, as well as more typical African wildlife like gemsbok, zebra and hyena. It’s an exceptionally dry environment with little in the way of permanent water sources, so many of the animals have adapted and you’ll see them roam huge distances in search of food and water.

On this tour you’ll head out in the early morning in search of black rhinos. You’ll be accompanied by experienced trackers, who will use their extensive knowledge and understanding of the rhinos to carefully track them without causing them any disturbance. Your tracker will move ahead in search of the black rhinos while you hang back with the guide who will be able to show you other interesting wildlife. As soon as the tracker has located a rhino you’ll follow them and slowly and silently approach this magnificent beast. From a safe distance you’ll watch the black rhino; they will be aware of your presence thanks to their epic hearing, however they won’t be able to see you as they are super short-sighted. You’ll have some time to take a few photos before heading back.


  • Set out in the early morning and track the rhino with an experienced guide

  • Spot other interesting wildlife like the kudu, oryx and the rare desert-adapted elephant

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