Swakopmund Living Desert Tour

This unique 4×4 drive adventure into the scenic desert dunes outside of Swakopmund offers not only wonderful photography opportunities but also a rare insight into the incredible flora and fauna that thrives in these seemingly impossible arid conditions. The Living Desert Tour concentrates on exploring the local dune belt between Walvis Bay and Swakopmund. The coastal dune belt may seem barren and lifeless to many people, but in fact it is alive with a fascinating variety of little desert adapted animals, which are able to survive on the life-giving fog which consistently rolls in from the cold Atlantic Ocean.

The Namib Desert is approximately stretches across for around 2000km, extending along the entire coastline of Namibia from northern South Africa into southern Angola. It is the oldest desert in the world and has been around for an estimated 43 million years!

Your expert guide is skilled at tracking and sighting the extraordinary desert-adapted creatures including palmato geckos, namaqua chameleons, Fitzsimons’s burrowing skink, sand-diving lizards, snakes, scorpions and insects.  You will also learn more about the amazing plant life in the desert as well as its geological history.

Learn about the history, structure and formation of the desert and admire the vast and beautiful landscapes whilst enjoying a scenic dune drive combined with fun and adrenalin. The duration of the tour is four to five hours.


  • Drive into the scenic desert dunes outside of Swakopmund

  • Explore the local belt where a variety of desert adapted animals can be found

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