Lunch or dinner at Muisbosskerm Restaurant

The West Coast is well known for its seafood, predominantly crayfish and local Lambert’s Bay restaurant Muisbosskerm offers a unique dining experience on the beach. Other seafood specialities include a wide variety of fish, baked, smoked and grilled, the traditional “waterblommetjie” and “hotnotskool” stew, to the ever-fresh homemade bread straight from the clay-oven, with homemade “plaasbotter” and the region’s famous “Hanepoot korrelkonfyt”. These are just a few of the delicacies to choose from on this 2-3-hour buffet style meal.

As the restaurant is not open every day, it is extremely important to make a reservation via us first. Meals are prepared once 15 people or more have booked as meals are not a la carte.

Enjoy your meal with traditional “boere musiek” playing in the background – a very popular experience with the locals as well.


  • For a seafood experience of a lifetime pay a visit to Muisbosskerm restaurant

  • Enjoy traditional South African dishes at this unique location on the West Coast

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