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With the stunning Mount Meru, in the foreground of coffee plantations, as its backdrop, Arusha is a welcoming and colourful city, just waiting to be explored. Often a starting point for people about to embark on the Northern Tanzania Safari circuit, Arusha is a fantastic introduction to Tanzania
Arusha has a vibrant history and culture and the city’s Cultural Heritage Centre is the perfect place to learn about it. This unique place is home to native art, antiques, sculptures and plenty of information about Arusha’s past. Souvenir-hunters can also pick up some unusual and spectacular gifts here too, from clothing and books to bespoke jewellery. Within Arusha and its surrounds there are plenty of local villages, schools and markets that you can visit to learn about the various tribes that inhabit Arusha as well as discover the local arts and crafts that are available for purchase.  

Another essential stop off is the lush and tranquil area of the Arusha National Park. This small but dense park is dominated by the spectacular volcano Mount Meru, and has magnificent landscapes in three distinct areas – the Meru Crater, the shallow Momella Lakes and the Ngurdoto Crater, which is home to much of the park’s beautiful wildlife including giraffes, buffalo, birds, monkeys and warthogs. One of the best ways to see the animals in their natural habitat is with a canoeing safari, which offers a tranquil experience as you spy iconic creatures while gliding along the Momella Lakes. If you’d prefer to stay on dry land, the park is also home to some of Tanzania’s most beautiful walking trails, with guided safaris on offer from local experts. 

Of course, no trip to Arusha is complete without an excursion to the famous Mount Kilimanjaro. Located just over an hour’s drive from Arusha’s city centre, this national park is not to be missed. Africa's tallest mountain is famed for its beauty, and this majestic natural wonder and the parkland that surrounds it has a spellbinding quality. Walk through rainforests and past craters to get up close and personal with incredible wildlife or, if you’re feeling adventurous, take a trek or cycling trip up a section of this huge equatorial mountain. 

Whether you’re climbing iconic mountains, shopping until you drop, canoeing, cycling, walking with wildlife or learning about a fascinating culture, Arusha is a place that will stay in your heart long after you've arrived back home. 


  • Indulge in home grown Tanzanian coffee straight off the plantations

  • Cultural Heritage Centre provides an insight into the history and culture of Arusha and Tanzania

  • View wildlife from a canoe in Arusha National Park

  • Hike sections of Mount Kilimanjaro or Mount Meru

  • Visit local villages, schools and markets

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When people think of Tanzania, they think of the Serengeti National Park, they think of David Attenborough narrating over a stalking cheetah. Tanzania simply embodies safari. You can also visit the vibrant 'safari city', known as Arusha. I bought some beautiful, one-of-a-kind, hand-made glasses here, which were crafted by people with learning disabilities. This great social enterprise is known as Shanga, and you can visit here during your stay and learn how everything is made.

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