N’Giresi Village Cultural Tour

Just out of Arusha, on the lush slopes of Mount Meru, you’ll find the quaint village of N’Giresi. It’s home to the local Wa-Arusha tribe, who over the years have gradually shifted from pastoralism to agriculture. Most of the tribe are farmers and generate income from their cows or large cultivated plots.

Your half-day tour starts at Mzee Loti’s farm where you’ll enjoy a cup of tea or coffee before learning about farm projects including biogas, cross-breeding and soil conservation. Given the sloped location of the village, these farms use terraces to avoid soil erosion. You’ll take a look at some of the typical houses in the village that are not just home to people, but often their cattle and goats too. While many continue to live in traditional ‘bomas’, some tribe members are starting to build and live in stone houses and you’ll witness this evolution in the village.

Next, you’ll visit a banana and coffee farm where you’ll hear about different agricultural activities, including small-scale irrigation. Then it’s on to the village school where the headteacher will talk about their education system and show you around the classrooms. Many of the structures have been built with money from cultural tourism. You’ll finish with a short hike to a waterfall where you’ll be able to see the water from Mount Meru cascading down – it’s quite a sight!


  • Learn about conservation and farming from the local Wa-Arusha tribe

  • Visit traditional houses and a local school

  • Hike to an off-the-beaten-track waterfall

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When people think of Tanzania, they think of the Serengeti National Park, they think of David Attenborough narrating over a stalking cheetah. Tanzania simply embodies safari. You can also visit the vibrant 'safari city', known as Arusha. I bought some beautiful, one-of-a-kind, hand-made glasses here, which were crafted by people with learning disabilities. This great social enterprise is known as Shanga, and you can visit here during your stay and learn how everything is made.

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