Night Game Drive

Located below the cliffs of the Manyara escarpment and on the cusp of the Rift Valley, Lake Manyara National Park is home to a huge range of ecosystems, wildlife and views. And while it’s a fascinating place to visit during the day, things get pretty interesting once night falls.

If a different kind of safari experience piques your interest, this could be the tour for you. On this game drive, the park’s nocturnal creatures await you. These animals are hard to spot during the day (they’re busy snoozing) but come nightfall, they become incredibly active under cover of darkness.

Keep your eyes peeled and you might spot a shy genet, a slender cat-like animal with an elongated body, ringed tail and a pointy muzzle. You might also spy a cheeky civet cat or possibly some prickly porcupines. Under starlit skies, you might have a chance of seeing a pod of hippos. Sometimes visitors get lucky and are treated to a sight of a leopard prowling around on a night-time wander. And you might even get a chance to see the kings of the jungle – lions are often active at night after sleeping for much of the day.


  • Adventure into the night to spot nocturnal animals

  • Observe the difference in animal behaviour at night

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