Holidays to Matobo National Park, Zimbabwe

Considered by many as the spiritual home of Zimbabwe, Matobo National Park’s dramatic landscape is like nowhere else on earth. In amongst the deep wooded valleys and sparse vegetation, you’ll find large granite boulders and balancing rocks known as "kopjes", rising from the earth.

The unique rock formations of the Matobo Hills have been naturally occurring for over two billion years, and are the reason why this stunning land has been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Over time, the granite has eroded to produce smooth stones and interesting shapes that are well worth seeing as part of a guided tour. One of Matobo National Park’s most popular is the Mother and Child Kopje, where the teetering stones resemble human figures.

The 42-square-kilometre park is split into two parts: a large recreational park and smaller game park to the west. In the recreational park, the vantage point from World’s View is not to be missed. The rugged landscape and beautiful scenery will take your breath away. Hiking is a great way to fully appreciate the staggering beauty of Matobo National Park. There are several trails that range from just a few hours to the caves and back, through to multi-day trips that ascend Mount Nyahwe.

3,000 official rock-art sites exist within Matobo National Park and date back thousands of years. Created by indigenous San bushmen, it’s possible to enter the caves and view the friezes of elephants, mongoose and giraffes for yourself. Among the most popular are Inanke Cave, which has the most extensive paintings and Bambata Cave, a major archaeological site. Alongside the ancient rock art in Bambata Cave, archaeologists have found artefacts that date back as far as the pre-Middle Stone Age.

Zimbabwe’s oldest national park is home to a diverse range of wildlife, much of which resides in the confines of the game park. Spot white and black rhinos, hippos, giraffes and leopards from the comfort of well-placed hides. The park is also home to the world’s highest concentration of black eagles and a third of the world’s eagle species, and you may even spot rare Cape eagle owls.



  • Explore over 3,000 official rock-art sites

  • Gape in awe at granite boulders and balancing rocks

  • Visit the Bambata Cave archaeological site

  • See the world's largest population of black eagles

  • Take a multi-day hike up Mount Nyahwe

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Map of Matobo National Park