Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre Visit

It’s time to visit man's closest relative - The Orangutan. Found on the edge of the Kabili Sepilok Forest Reserve is the famous Orangutan Sepilok Rehabilitation Centre, Borneo, which is home to around 80 orangutans. This centre in Sepilok was set up by an Englishwoman called Barbara Harrison in 1964 and was the first centre in the world to dedicate itself to the rehabilitation of orphaned orangutans.

The centre provides veterinary care for orphaned and confiscated orangutans as well as dozens of other wildlife species, by offering medical care of injured apes, as well as teaching them taught important life-skills such as climbing and nest-building whilst being in a safe and protected environment.

During your tour of the reserve, you will be able to observe the rehabilitation process necessary to release orphaned orangutans back into the wild, as well as learning more about the care that this incredible centre provides.

Be sure to head to the outdoor nursery platform, which is definitely a highlight of the centre with its jungle-gym on the edge of the forest. It serves as a training ground and play area to help build the confidence of the animals that have been affected by cruelty. Expect to fill your camera’s memory with snaps of these intelligent creatures engaging in cheeky antics, that are sometimes downright hilarious.


  • Watch the Orangutan's play on the jungle-gym

  • Learn about the veterinary care provided at the centre

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