Holidays to Tanjung Datu National Park, Borneo

On the western tip of Sarawak, you’ll find Tanjung Datu National Park. This hidden gem is gorgeous, but its out-of-the-way location means it doesn’t attract the masses. There’s no road access to Tanjung Datu so you’ll need to take a boat from Sematan. Thanks to its minimal visitors, the exquisiteness of the park feels untouched and you’ll return home with the bragging rights that you visited somewhere extraordinary.

Cast off the park’s two beaches, Pasir Antu and Pasir Berunpu, are coral reefs that are easily visible through the perfectly clear water. Linger a while on the seashore and you might just spot a dolphin or a turtle. The flawless beaches are made all-the-more gorgeous by a fringe of the purple-flowered Sea Morning Glory plant. In fact, many unusual plant species like Umbrella Palms and Strangling Figs have been able to thrive in the park because of its isolated location.

Inland, the lush rainforest is laced with four short hiking trails, each taking less than two hours to complete. They lead you around the park’s dense rainforest, past polished granite boulders and freshwater streams. There’s a steep incline to the park’s peak that affords birds-eye views of the picturesque coastline and the glittery sea. Listen out for the cry of a gibbon and see if you can spot a pig-tailed macaque – the rainforest is home to all manner of wildlife, from rare hornbills, primates and reptiles. Once you've explored enough, head back to nearby Kuching for delicious cuisine and daytrips.


  • Impressive coral reefs and pristine beaches

  • Enchanting scenery - without the crowds

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Map of Tanjung Datu National Park

When to go to Tanjung Datu National Park

The drier period between July to October is a great time to visit, with high chances of spotting orangutans in August and September in particular. You'll also enjoy minimal rainfall and sunny days. Outside of these months, rain is likely but temperatures remain consistent.

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