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With the world’s oldest civilisation becoming the fastest growing economy, China is a land of stunning contrasts. Nowhere in the world has such diversity; futuristic Shanghai skylines mix with ancient Qing dynasty palaces; forgotten minority villagers live beside modern entrepreneurs; and enormous limestone pillars tower from sweeping rivers, while vast mountains and deserts dominate China’s western landscapes. There's certainly something for everyone in the Middle Kingdom.


  • Walk along remote sections of the Great Wall of China and escape the crowds

  • Discover the limestone peaks and rice terraces of Guangxi province

  • Don't miss the snow-capped mountains and ethnic villages of Yunnan province

  • Meet Giant Pandas in Chengdu

  • Ride a high-speed bullet train

Key info

  • Capital City: Beijing

  • Language: Mandarin, Cantonese, Hakka, Wu, Min, Xiang, and Gan

  • Currency: Renminbi

  • Time difference: GMT + 8 hours

  • Flight time: 10 hours to Beijing

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I became fluent in Mandarin during my time living, studying and working in China. From there I travelled to every corner of China and explored Japan and Taiwan. Beijing is my favourite city, I love finding amazing places to eat and trying new dishes.

China trip ideas

Here are some trip ideas to China. All of our trip ideas shown below are examples, and we’ll amend, adapt or start from scratch, until we’ve created the perfect trip for you. See one you like, or have a trip in mind? Call us now to book: 020 3510 5777

Places to go in China

The historical sites of China are often a huge draw. Beijing, the capital, alone boasts the Forbidden City, Tiananmen Square, the Summer Palace and even the Great Wall of China, and this is all within a high-speed bullet train journey from Xi’an’s infamous Terracotta Army. 

However, it’s often China’s majestic landscapes that give visitors the greatest surprise. The beautiful Dragon’s Backbone rice terraces of Longji, enormous mountain ranges of northern Yunnan and Huangshan, as well as the deserts of Gansu province, can all be included in any trip to China.

The sheer size of China and the diversity on offer make it one of the most rewarding countries in the world to visit. In the words of an ancient Chinese proverb, "a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step". Got a few ideas about where you’d like to go or need some help? Call our Travel Designers now: 01483 319 333

Things to do in China

It’s the unique experiences which make a VIVID trip special, and here are just some of the things you can do during your trip to China. Experience the real country beyond the obvious, whether it’s taking a private lesson with a Tai Chi expert at the peaceful Temple of Heaven, spending a morning at the Giant Panda Research Base or trekking the iconic Great Wall of China on a multi-day hike along one of the world's most impressive sites. To incorporate your favourite experiences into your dream trip, or learn more about the itineraries that we can create bespoke to you, just give our Travel Designers a call: 020 3510 5777

Map of China

When to go to China

China is a vast country and the weather and travel conditions vary hugely from place to place. In general, mid-March through to the end of May, and September through to early November tend to be the most pleasant months to visit across most places. Typhoons, especially in the far south-east of China and Hong Kong, occur across the summer months. The first week of October gets very busy as locals celebrate Golden Week, so transport and accommodation will be very busy.

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Shanghai & Hangzhou
Beijing & the Great Wall
Xi'an & the Terracotta Army
Guilin & Yangshuo


Shanghai & Hangzhou

Beijing & the Great Wall

Xi'an & the Terracotta Army

Guilin & Yangshuo