Dali Day Tour

For an immersive exploration of Dali, join a private guide and spend a whole day getting to know this area properly. You’ll start in the rural village of Xizhou and visit the farmers market that it’s become renowned for. Here you can shop for handicrafts to take home and watch the locals shop. In the Ming Dynasty, wealthy tea merchants in the area made Xizhou their home and your tour will guide you past Bai architecture, including the Yan Compound and Hou Compound mansions.

When you’ve seen enough of Xizhou, you’ll head to the Three Pagodas. This perfect triangle of ancient pagodas is an architectural marvel, having survived earthquakes in the region since the mid-9th century. They reflect prettily in the Juying Chi Lake, and your guide will take you to the best spot to take a photo. If you’d like, you can pop into the Chongsheng Temple that sits behind the pagodas and learn more about these fascinating ancient structures.

Next up, it’s Dali Old Town. You’ll guide will tell you more about the Bai population that live here and talk you through the beautiful ancient architecture (that’s begging to be your next Instastory). They’ll be able to point you to one of the many lovely cafes and restaurants in the town too, if you need bit of leisurely people-watching time.

Your day finishes in the Cangshan Mountains. They can be explored by bike or on foot, although if you’re weary from a busy day of sightseeing, one of the three cable car routes that ascend the mountains might sound like a tempting option.


  • Let a local expert guide you around the highlights of Xizhou, the Three Pagodas, Dali and the Cangshan Mountains

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