Holidays to Lanzhou, China

Whisper the word Lanzhou to foodies and they’ll wax lyrical about Lanzhou ‘lamian’, a spicy beef noodle dish that hails from this capital city of Gansu Province. Put simply, if you want to eat authentic Lanzhou ‘lamian’, you have to go to Lanzhou. Nowhere else does it quite right. The cooking process is long-winded, meticulous and a real labour of love. But it all pays off. This clear broth, with shaved beef, Chinese radish slices, coriander and spring onions, fiery chilli oil, and handmade noodles is utterly delicious.

There’s a lot more besides food to Lanzhou. Historically, it was a major hub on the ancient Silk Road and nicknamed the Golden City. Flanked by mountains to the north and south with the Yellow River flowing through the heart of the city, Lanzhou has always been a particularly picturesque place. To make the city even more special, its location once connected the Chinese and Central Asian empires, creating a melting pot of culture and ethnicity that’s still evident today.

While the Silk Road trade route is confined to history, today’s Silk Road tourism ring attracts visitors from all over the world. Thanks to its central location, Lanzhou is a popular base to explore the surrounding attractions. To the east, you can visit the Maijishan Grottoes, to the west you’ll find The Bingling Temple. To the south, there’s the magnificent Labrang Monastery, and to the north, the Mogao Caves might well be the pick of the bunch.


  • The capital city of Gansu Province in northwest China

  • The picturesque Golden City of the ancient Silk Road

  • A cultural melting pot between the Buddhist South and Muslim North

  • Try delicious Lanzhou beef noodles

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