Holidays to Lijiang, China

In China’s Yunnan province, in the shadow of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, is the culturally significant town of Lijiang. It’s home to the Naxi people who are related to Tibetans but have a distinct language and culture.

Walking around Lijiang’s Old Town, a UNESCO Heritage Site, will be a highlight of your visit. It’s a maze of winding alleys, mountain streams and old Naxi houses. If you head to the White Horse Dragon Pool in the south of the Old Town you can still see the locals washing vegetables after buying them in the Zhongyi Market. In the evening, listen to traditional Naxi singing and watch their dancing at Sifang Jie, the central square in the Old Town.

On the northern edge of Lijiang, Black Dragon Pool Park is a picturesque area of the city where photographers come to snap the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain and locals come to drink tea and play cards. Visitors can discover more about Naxi culture here at the Dongba Research Institute Museum. The scenic landscape will easily entice you away from town if you're into your walking. Follow the Wenhai Trail through a subalpine valley to Wenhai Lake (being mindful that the lake dries up in early spring), and admire the rich diversity of plant and animal life, including traditional medicinal herbs that grow here. Trips up the Jade Snow Dragon Mountain also tempt visitors away from Lijiang, either to embark on a challenging mountain hike, or to ascend the mountain by cable car. At the top, you’re rewarded with panoramic views and a sight of the mountain’s glacier. Just make sure you go prepared for the chilliness.


  • Discover Lijiang’s Old Town with the local Naxi people going about their daily lives

  • Explore Lijiang’s surrounding scenery on the Wenhai Trail and ascend the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain

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