Holidays to Longji, China

If your trip to China takes you to Guilin, it’s worth the hour-or-so journey north to Longji in Longsheng County. It’s a place that’s only been on the traveller’s radar since the 1990s, and even now it doesn’t attract the masses, but trust us – if you love a scenic spectacle, you won’t want to miss this.

Longji means ‘Dragon’s Spine’ – so-called after the terraces of rice fields that look like an amphitheatre, except they flow on and on, twisting and curling for miles. It’s said that rice has been grown this way in this part of China for over 650 years, a rather genius irrigation solution to the arable land in this mountainous region. The colour you’ll see depends on what time of year you visit – mirrors of water in spring, green rice shoots in summer, a golden crop in summer and frosty white and silver in winter.

The region is broadly split into two areas of terraced fields - The Pingan Terraced Fields and The Jinkeng Terraced Fields. For both, there’s a choice of walks to viewing platforms for the best photography vantage points. Some take less than 30 minutes to reach, others mean hours of hiking through the beautiful countryside.

The little village of Pingan is home to Zhuang people and some Yao people. It’s a fascinating place to visit. The Yao people in the village are distinctive from the other residents because the Yao women have exceptionally long hair, with the longest over two metres. If you stay here to eat, expect to try Bamboo Rice. Rice and spices (and perhaps some meat or pumpkin) are squashed into a bamboo tube and roasted over a fire.


  • See the spectacular Dragon’s Spine rice terraces

  • Meet the Zhuang and Yao people in Pingan village

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Map of Longji