Chinese Grand Prix, Shanghai

Brace yourselves for an unrivalled journey of high-speed action and surprising corners to uncover at the Chinese Grand Prix. This annual sporting event and exceptional motor racing championship in Shanghai is packed to the rafters with action, adventure and exquisite festivities.

Debuting onto the F1 calendar in 2004, it’s no Chinese whisper that The Shanghai International Circuit was designed as ‘the race circuit’ for the new millennium. And with such a beautifully modern track and such striking architecture, it’s also no surprise that this circuit has achieved its goal of becoming China's gateway to the world of Formula One. 

From paddy field to premier F1 race track, situated in the bustling Jiading District, and designed by exceptional architects Hermann Tilke and Peter Wahl, this compelling 5.4km circuit is “shaped like the Chinese character 'shang', which stands for 'high' or 'above'.”

And it certainly is a cut above the rest. Join in with the noise of the cars by making some noise of your own! For all of your crowd cheering needs, head to the bustling Bund where you’ll find F1 fans, Chinese and tourists alike, with horns and face paint wandering along the riverfront.

It will be an experience brimming with excited chants and moments of quiet contemplation, where your emotions will be on par with the winding turns and accelerations and decelerations of this impressive course. With plenty of spots for those enticing overtaking opportunities, this motorsport experience won’t disappoint.

But slow bend and maximum speeds aside, there’s more to F1 than meets the eye. Live music, fashions shows, parties and track-side hotels provide the perfect respite for some post-race celebrations. With festivities breaking out in the city streets, there will be entertainment galore to explore. 



  • An impressively designed race track awaits in the colourful city of Shanghai

  • Let your hair down and celebrate at unique after-race parties

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