Visit the Shanghai Tower

Sometimes, the best way to get your bearings in a new city it to go skywards and get a birds-eye view. When it comes to Shanghai, you can’t get any higher than China’s tallest building, the impressive corkscrewing and swivelling Shanghai Tower. Encased in this architectural phenomenon are businesses, luxury hotels, shops and a public observation deck. Visitors glide up the express elevator to the 119th floor in an eye-watering 55 seconds, so the journey to the top is an experience in itself. Once aloft on the 360-degree observation deck, Shanghai looks like a toy town with a view down to the iconic Oriental Pearl building, the Bund and beyond. Visiting at night provides arguably the most dazzling views, seeing the neighbouring skyscrapers prettily lit and spotting the dark carve of the river pushing its way through the street lights.



  • Ascend one of the world’s tallest buildings and admire Shanghai from above

  • Far reaching views across Shanghai

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I became fluent in Mandarin during my time living, studying and working in China. From there I travelled to every corner of China and explored Japan and Taiwan. Beijing is my favourite city, I love finding amazing places to eat and trying new dishes.

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