Trekking the Great Wall

Why see the Great Wall of China when you can trek it? There is no better way to experience the world’s largest military structure and China’s best known attraction than to spend multiple days walking along it.

This UNESCO World Heritage Site was built to keep invaders out, but these days it boasts a much more peaceful atmosphere. This is particularly true of the less crowded, untouched sections of the wall that you’ll be walking. While this iconic structure runs 5,500 miles from the Korean border into the Gobi desert, don’t worry – you won’t be walking that far!

You’ll kick-start your hike at the Gubeikou section where you’ll spend the first day walking to Jinshanling. You’ll walk over restored and wild sections of the wall and pass through pretty farmland before arriving at Jinshanling, where you can explore the defensive system including watchtowers. You’ll wake at sunrise the next day and head to Simatai, you’ll explore the beautiful Wohushan area where you’ll enjoy once-in-a-lifetime views. You’ll finish up by walking to the Jiankou section – don’t forget to pack your camera as this spot boasts stunning mountain scenery you’ll want to remember forever.


  • A three day hike along the Great Wall of China

  • Stay in authentic guest houses along the way

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