Holidays to Tunxi, China

You simply can’t say that you’ve experienced the real China until you've walked along one of the colourful shopping streets that offer a unique window into its culture. The picturesque mountain town of Tunxi, bustling with shops, street vendors and traditional tea shops, delivers culture, character and charm by the bucket load!

The focal point of Tunxi is the 1.5 kilometres long and 7 metres wide ‘Ancient Street’. Dating back to the Song Dynasty, the entrance to this thriving street is marked by an elegant central archway, which draws you in and leads the way to classic Hui-style stone-based and brick-laid buildings decorated with intricate wood carvings, white walls, and double eaves on the roofs. Ancient Street boasts the oldest stores in the area - some of which have been providing for the locals for centuries. If you’re looking to return home with a taste of China, immerse yourself in the full shopping experience and take your pick from Chinese paintings, engravings, ornaments and plenty of green tea and ink, which the province is well-known for producing.

Tunxi is a convenient gateway to the stunning Huangshan Mountain Range, where clouds drop to entwine around pine trees and you will enjoy the rather unique experience of taking in the mountain view by looking down, rather than up. The expanse of green valleys is a truly breath-taking site, whether on a clear day with light blue skies, or an overcast, atmospheric day when the valley is shrouded in a sea of eerie cloud.

Accessible by day trips, the city of Nanping with its bright lights and modern architecture and the ancient village of Hongcun, featuring more modest housing set on a perfectly still lake, offer two drastically different experiences that demonstrate the diversity of China and showcase just what it is that makes this country so magical.


  • Stroll through Ancient Street, dating back to the Song Dynasty

  • Picturesque base for journeys to the Huangshan mountain range

  • Explore the nearby city of Nanping and the ancient Hongcun village

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Map of Tunxi