Trekking the Bukit Lawang rainforest, Indonesia

Today you’ll wake up with a real spring in your step! Get ready to unearth the many wonders of Bukit Lawang National Park where local sights offer unique moments at every turn. As you stroll through the rich canopy, learning all about the native flora and fauna, you’ll also get to discover the various species of monkeys residing within this exotic forest. If you’re really lucky, you’ll witness the dashes of orange and lengthy limbs of the local orangutans as they peacefully swing their way through the vivid, green treetops.

On this exceptional trip of scenic exploration, you’ll take a much-needed rest along the way, accompanied by a sumptuous picnic. Feast on fresh fruit and delicious Indonesian dishes whilst you soak up the panoramic view and take in the native sounds of this jovial jungle atmosphere. Once you’ve regained your energy you’ll follow the winding paths all the way down to the alluring riverside.

It’s also here where a spot of rejuvenation and invigoration awaits, as you set foot onto the welcoming whitewater tube. Take your seat and sink back into the enveloping ripples of the river. Enjoy the gentle ride, as you allow the crystal-clear mountain streams to guide you down the river, gliding as you go.

There’s no better way to wrap up this adventurous full day tour, and once your tube journey has touched down onto solid land, you’ll make your way on foot back to your hotel.


  • Weave through the rich and rugged rainforest on foot

  • Travel in style on an exhilarating whitewater tube

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