Holidays to Flores, Indonesia

Hidden beaches, smoking volcanoes, traditional villages, and some of the best ocean diving in the world, Flores is a treasure trove of unspoiled natural beauty, home to underwater vistas of crystal clear waters inhabited by a huge number of sea creatures including sharks, turtles and manta rays. 

As well as the ocean adventures, if you venture into the island’s lush interior you will find spectacular National Parks, stunning multi-hued lakes, which change colour with the shifting gas emissions of the volcanic vents, hot springs, and jungle treks. Flores is also home to the famous 'Hobbit cave' locally known as Liang Bua, the site of a discovery of a number of human skeletons thought to be around 18,000 years old. 

You can rent a motorbike and take a riding tour of the island, or hire a local guide to give you the gold star treatment, taking you directly to the most spectacular sights. 

Meet real life dragons on Komodo Island in the Komodo National Park, and hike around to see these majestic creatures in their natural environment, and base yourself in Labuan Bujo for easy access to see many of the archipelago’s spectacular sites, from trekking through remote jungle villages to exploring the reefs and smaller offshore islands. 


  • Visit Komodo Dragons in their natural habitat

  • Take in stunning sunset ocean vistas

  • Admire the incredible multi-hued lakes

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