Cruising Komodo

The Komodo Dragon is the biggest lizard on planet earth and its reputation as of the most ferocious and deadly animals has made it an attraction on its home island of Rinca, a place you’ll get to know well during this incredible experience.

Day 1

Your adventure will begin with a 2-hour boat journey to Rinca. Once you arrive at the island, a local ranger will lead you on an easy 2-hour trek in search of the apex predator.

The lizard, which can grow over 2m long, is equipped with poisonous saliva, razor sharp teeth and a tail which can deliver a massive blow to its prey, which is usually forest deer. But don’t worry, your guide will make sure to keep you at a safe distance if you come across the legendary creature. After your trek, you’ll proceed to Kelor Island where you’ll be given snorkelling gear and directed towards the best areas to take in the marine wildlife.

Following the swim, you’ll be guided through Loh Buaya and onto another boat which will take you Kalong Island, where you will settle down for the evening and witness hundreds of bats roost at sunset, a truly spectacular event.

Day 2

Your day will start with breakfast being served onboard the boat which will take you to Komodo Island once you have finished your coffee.

You'll be met by a local ranger who will guide you into dragon territory where you’ll be able to watch the ancient beasts hunt and move through the forest. After a couple of hours in the rainforest, you’ll be taken to the island's local museum where you’ll learn about the history of the area and its rich wildlife.

Next up, is a trip to the Pink Beach, a place true to its name. The soft pink sand is a dazzling sight and the perfect place to launch into the ocean for another round of snorkelling before hopping back onto your boat to head towards Manta Point. While you make your way there, a freshly cooked lunch will be served for you to enjoy on the clear blue water.

Once you have settled after lunch, you’ll be invited to jump into the ocean and swim with sea turtles, cuttlefish, barracuda and take in views of colourful corals, full of giant clams, sponges and reef dwellers such as the clown fish. If you’re lucky, you may even get to swim with the ginormous manta ray, a gentle giant of the ocean.

Finally, you’ll jump back on board your boat and head towards Gili Laba where you’ll be served dinner once moored.

Day 3

After breakfast onboard you'll sail back towards the main island. You’ll stop off at Sebayur Island where you'll have the chance to see more of the marine life in the crystal clear waters.

All of the swimming will get you in the mood for another serving of fresh food as lunch will be served while you sail towards Labuan Bajo the final stop.

A chauffeured vehicle will be ready and waiting to take you back to your hotel where you can relax and think if you have ever had a better three days in your entire life.


  • Watch Komodo Dragons in their natural habitat

  • Snorkel in the perfect blue waters surrounding Rinca Island and take in spectacular coral reefs

  • Bathe and swim at the world famous Pink Beach

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