Holidays to Magelang, Indonesia

Surrounded by five great mountain peaks, and situated in a picturesque and fertile agricultural region, Magelang is the closest major town to the incredible ninth century Buddhist monument, Borobudur. The temple itself is a feat of architecture; the complex structure consists of nine stacked platforms of varied shape, topped with a dome surrounded by seventy-two Buddha statues. In all, there are over 500 Buddhas at Borobudur, along with over 2000 panels of carved stone relief artworks. Borobudur is one of the most visited sites in Indonesia, and with one look at the scale and complexity of this monument, it’s clear why. 

A little off the beaten path, the Canggal Temple (also known as Gunung Wukir) is a hidden gem of Magelang. It is a Hindu temple dating back to the year 732, which makes it the earliest remaining structure created by the ancient Mataram Kingdom, which once ruled Central Java. 

If you’re all temple-d out and looking for some action, then Magelang’s white water rafting on the river Elo should be just the thing to get your heart pumping. There are multiple grades of rafting available, suiting seasoned thrillseekers and first-timer families alike. Magelan also features some activity parks, the highlights being the Merapi Volcano Park, and Taman Park, which combines educational shows and its own white water rafting run. 


  • Borobudur temple is a must-see

  • Get your adrenaline fix on a rafting adventure on the river Elo

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Map of Magelang