Holidays to Makassar, Indonesia

The gateway to eastern Indonesia, Makassar (also called Ujung Pandang) is a major port city inthe region. The historical city centre around Fort Rotterdam, including the ancient remains of a Gowanese fort, and some striking Dutch buildings is well worth a tour. Take a bakak ride through to see the sites, and visit the splendid floating mosque - from the right angle it really does seem to float on the sea. 

Makassar is a true metropolis, and home to a diverse population of MakasareseBugis, and Chinese residents. Through this mix of cultures, the city has a distinctive foodie flair, with famous traditional dishes utilising unusual ingredients, such as Coto Makassar, a stew of nuts, spices and selected beef offal, usually eaten with Ketupat rice cakes. Makassar is a gastronomic adventure. 

If you prefer sweets, seek out the famous street vendors selling Pisang Epe - banana pressed, grilled and smothered in palm sugar sauce and sometimes paired with durian fruit. Stroll along the iconic Losari Beach boardwalk and sample the local delicacies as you watch the glorious sunset over the ocean. 


  • Watching the sunset from Losari Beach boardwalk

  • The beautiful floating mosque

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Map of Makassar