Holidays to Mount Rinjani, Indonesia

The second highest volcano in IndonesiaGunung Rinjani is crowned with a stunning green-blue crater lake surrounding the active mouth of the mountain. To the local Sisak tribes people and followers of the Hindu faith on the island, Mount Rinjani is considered sacred, and some religious activities are occasionally done around the caldera lake, as well as on the mountain. 

One such ceremony is the Mulang Pakelem, an annual event in which hundreds of white-clad Hindu pilgrims gather at the caldera lake to pray, a beautiful, uplifting event to witness, which has occurred since the eighteenth century. 

With the assistance of local guides, you can choose two to four day long trek itineraries to explore the volcano and the gorgeous wilderness around it. As well as the mountain itself, there are a number of incredible waterfalls to view, and there are also eco-walks and tree-planting treks to take and admire and contribute to the sustainability of this enchanting jungle wilderness.


  • The crater lake at Mt Rinjani’s peak is unlike anything else

  • Tree planting trek is truly rewarding experience

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Map of Mount Rinjani