Holidays to Sulawesi, Indonesia

Sloping up from the sea to beautiful, towering peaks, the star-shaped island of Sulawesi is enigmatic and enchanting, with dense jungles swathing the mountains and a surrounding of teeming reefs and dramatic coastlines. To the east of Borneo, the island is home to spectacular rare native birds and to isolated ancient cultures with unique practices that have been passed down for centuries. 

Stroll along the seafront boardwalk of Makassar’s beautiful Losari beach, sample the local delicacies and enjoy a big city with true local charm. Or for an unforgettable experience, head up into the misty blue mountains of the Tana Toraja region and visit a vibrant culture which has lived in these jungle-clad peaks for centuries. 

Somewhat off the beaten track, Sulawesi holds a multitude of treasures for you to discover.  


  • Exploring Makassar’s boardwalk

  • Experiencing Tana Toraja’s vibrant ancient culture

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Map of Sulawesi