Ubud Town & Tegenungan Waterfall tour, Ubud

This delightful half-day adventure is a treat for those seeking an authentic Bali experience full of colour, tradition and natural beauty.

Your guide will pick you up from your hotel and take you on a short drive to the centre of Ubud to begin the day, and once you arrive you’ll begin a guided walking tour through the vibrant town.

One of your stops will be the Saraswati Temple, a holy place which was built to honour the Hindu Goddess of knowledge, music and the arts, after whom the temple is named. The lotus pond, which sits at the centre of the structure, brings a serene and calming atmosphere for visitors to enjoy. Take in the decorative carvings, while numerous shrines are located throughout the inside of the building.

After paying homage to the Gods, you’ll be taken to Ubud Palace, otherwise known as Puri Saren, a place that members of the Royal Family call home. The traditional architecture and exquisitely preserved outer artwork will provide another example of the rich local culture and history on offer, so make sure to take in as much in as possible.

After enjoying Puri Saren, you’ll be taken to the famous Ubud art market, where you’ll discover that the best of Bali’s art doesn’t just exist in the past as a huge variety of crafted goods are on offer. Bartering is a part and parcel of life in the market so if you see something you would like to take home as a souvenir, remember to drive the price down!

Once you’ve got a bag full of traditional goodies, you’ll be taken to the Sacred Monkey Forest, home to Long-Tailed Macaques and another sacred temple which the monkeys are said to protect. Over 700 monkeys and 186 species of trees make up the forest making the area one of the most important spiritual, economic, educational and preserved areas for miles around. Religious ceremonies are held in the forest at certain points in the year so make sure to ask your guide whether it would be possible to watch one.

After chatting with the monkeys, you’ll jump in the car once more and move onto Tegenungan waterfall, a popular attraction which draws visitors from around the world. But you won’t just be there to look and listen to the crashing water, you’ll be invited to get right into the middle of the action and swim in the waters below the cascading falls, so make sure to bring a spare set of clothes and a towel.

Once you have been thoroughly refreshed and rained down upon by the jungle waters, your guide will drive you back to your hotel where you can sit back and enjoy a glass of wine as the sun sets on another gorgeous day in Bali.


  • Explore beautiful local temples

  • Bargain on the Ubud markets

  • Swim in a refreshing waterfall

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