Holidays to Japan

Japan is an utterly beguiling place, not just for its distinctive culture but for its incredible geology and intriguing history. It’s spread across a vast archipelago of almost 6,800 islands, giving it a geographical diversity quite unlike any other place on our planet. Whether your ideal holiday involves plenty of adventure, downtime, or a mixture of both, Japan has it all. And with the 2019 Rugby World Cup and 2020 Tokyo Olympics taking place here, the Land of the Rising Sun is certainly the place to be!

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Key info

  • Capital City: Tokyo

  • Language: Japanese

  • Currency: Japanese yen

  • Time difference: GMT + 9 hours

  • Flight time: 12 hours to Tokyo

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Having extensively explored and spent time living in the Asia and the Far East, I have picked up not only a fluency in Mandarin, but also an unparalleled appreciation for this incredibly diverse and culturally rich part of the world.

Japan trip ideas

Japan offers fast-paced, neon-lit cities, fiercely forward-looking but equally protective of their history and traditions. But surrounding Japan’s vast metropolises is an expansive and tranquil countryside. In the north, volcanic mountains entice skiers with their challenges, and the south has long beachy stretches.

Our expert Travel Designers have curated the trip ideas shown below to inspire your next trip to this spectacular land. Whether you're looking for a family adventure sleeping in a traditional ryokan, or culinary classes in the art of sushi making, we will create and adapt your bespoke itinerary to Japan until it's perfect for you. Call us now to book: 020 3510 5777

Places to go in Japan

Japan’s main island is Honshu, hosting the mesmerising Tokyo – the starting gate of most adventures through Japan – as well as the iconic Mount Fuji, Japan’s biggest volcano. Visitors explore it from the small town of Hakone, where there’s the opportunity to stay in a traditional Japanese inn known as ryokan. Elsewhere on Honshu is Kyoto, Japan’s cultural hub. It’s a low-rise city in sharp contrast to lofty Tokyo, and home of grand palaces, ancient streets, oriental gardens and geishas dressed in kimonos.

The northerly island of Hokkaido is where snow-capped volcanoes dominate the landscape, skiers flock to luxury resorts in winter, and is home to some of Japan's best wildlife. In summer, visitors come to hike and cycle in the wilderness.

The southern island of Kyushu is connected to the rest of the country by Japan’s impressive bullet train network. Here, up-and-coming Fukuoka is a metropolis worthy of exploration, as is pretty Nagasaki, and you'll also find an abundance of hot springs, volcanoes and lakes.

Things to do in Japan

It’s the unique experiences which make a VIVID trip special, and here are just some of the things you can do during your trip to Japan. Experience the real country beyond the obvious, whether it’s pedalling your way along the riverbanks of Kyoto’s Geisha districts, tasting your way through Osaka’s foodie havens, or visiting the mountaintop castle of Matsumoto to catch the dramatic reflections of cherry blossoms in the lake.

To incorporate your favourite experiences into your dream trip, or learn more about the itineraries that we can create for you, just give our Travel Designers a call: 020 3510 5777

Map of Japan

When to go to Japan

The most famous and popular time of year to visit Japan is during the cherry blossom season, when the entire country turns a shade of pink as the trees burst into bloom. You’ll generally catch this iconic image of Japan from the end of March to the beginning of May, and will need to plan a visit well in advance as it’s a very busy time. Keep away from the crowds but still catch beautiful weather conditions by visiting during May. The country is thriving with greenery throughout May, but it’s best to avoid the Japanese national holiday of ‘Golden Week’ during the first week of the month as it will be very busy.

To see the national parks bursting with alternative colours, visit during the Autumn months September, October and November. The height of summer is probably best to avoid, with hot weather and higher rainfall, although July to mid-September is the official period if you’re aiming to escape the humid cities and climb Mount Fuji. Alternatively, catch the snow monkeys and enjoy beautiful resorts for winter sports if you visit Japan during the chilly winter months.