Explore Hakone with a Free Pass

The mountainous Hakone region with its spectacular views of the iconic Mount Fuji is sure to have you reaching for your camera every time you turn your head in a new direction. There’s a lot to explore here from the outdoor lakes and mountains to indoor temples and shrines, and one of the best ways to do this is by getting yourself a Hakone Free Pass. Lasting either two or three days, this pass offers unlimited use of affiliated buses, trains, boats, cable cars and ropeways and is by far one of the best ways to explore this stunning region.

If you’re not scared of heights (and even if you are as the views are worth it) you can take a ride on the world’s second longest cable car to the top of the volcanic Mt Owakudani. Pass over pools of bubbling water, billowing steam and swirling volcanic mists then, once at the peak, you can visit the famous egg boiling site and try a black egg. These are regular coloured chicken’s eggs but once boiled and steamed in sulphur and iron they take on their unique black appearance. Legend has it that eating one of these eggs can add seven years to your life, so it may well be worth a go!

Back at ground level, you can sail on replica pirate ship across the scenic Lake Ashi, formed by a crater that’s so deep that it never freezes over, even in the coldest of winters. Then you can make further use of your Freepass by riding the various transport links to see some of the areas other famous attractions. You’ll be spoilt for choice but if you’re really struggling, the Hakone Shrine and the sculpture-filled open-air museum are a couple of our favourites.



  • Stunning Mount Fuji views

  • Ride on the world’s second longest cable car

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