Holidays to Hiroshima, Japan

Think of Hiroshima and at first it sounds like an unlikely holiday destination. Undoubtedly, the city is infamous for being the site of the first atomic bomb blast on 6 August, 1945, and it would be hard to ignore such a terrible event upon visiting. However, Hiroshima offers many fascinating, solemn and respectful windows into its tragic past, and there's also so much more to it – this is a friendly, vibrant, modern city of peace. 

You need to be prepared for some upsetting sights upon visiting the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum, but the city's premier tourist attraction is a must-see for anyone wanting to understand the massive effects of the bomb blast. Featuring personal items such as a child's melted lunchbox, be prepared to be moved. A less intense but no less moving way to pay respect, is visiting the Peace Memorial Park, a large, beautiful space surrounded by rivers. Monuments include the Pond of Peace, featuring the names of all known victims. 

Perhaps the most stark reminder of the destruction caused by Little Boy's nuclear power is the Atomic Bomb Dome. Amazingly, the shell of the building remains and still stands as an emotional memorial. Stretching further back into the city's past, Hiroshima-jo, also known as Carp Castle, was faithfully rebuilt in 1958. For centuries, the castle stood as the focal point for feudal squabbles. 

Present-day Hiroshima is an awe-inspiring sight. The thriving, cosmopolitan community refuses to wallow in the tragedy of its past and is a welcoming, vibrant city. After paying your respects during the day, it's time to enjoy your evening. Most shops remain open, while catching a baseball game is a very popular pastime. There are some amazing delicacies awaiting in Hiroshima's izakayas, including okonomiyaki - a savoury cake of noodles, vegetables and batter, fried and covered in a delicious sauce. If you're all shopped-out, it's time to check out the bustling bars. Karaoke is very popular, particularly around the lanes of Aioi-dori, but if you really want to let your hair down (and give it a good shake), rock out with live music, a tasty meal and lots of drink at Koba. 


  • Explore Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum's archive

  • Wander the harrowing yet beautiful Peace Memorial Park

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