Japanese Grand Prix, Suzuka

The venue of many title-deciders, Japan has long been one of the last races of the F1 season. The thrilling Suzuka Circuit is so exciting namely for the many overtaking opportunities it offers, making last-minute challenges typical and the finish always adrenaline-fuelled.

The home of Japanese F1, Suzuka International Racing Course is just a two-hour train ride from Osaka, in the south-eastern part of Honshu. Honshu’s highlights include Kyoto, Tokyo and Hakone National Park, and because the race is held at the start of October, you can really enjoy the best of Japan’s temperate early autumn for some serious sightseeing. You might even be lucky enough to see the autumn leaves as they turn, a beautiful sight which is the sole purpose of many travellers’ trips to Japan.

The Japanese Grand Prix is not only for petrolheads - the Suzuka site itself contains everything you could think of, including hot springs, golf and tennis courts, a theme park, and various restaurants.

Whether you intend to focus on race day or spend the weekend at Suzuka, we can arrange accommodation and tickets. Some of Japan’s most exciting annual festivals take place during October, so you can easily extend your trip to Japan to take in some once-in-a-lifetime events like Matsuyama Autumn Festival, in the South of Japan on the island of Ehime.

Japan’s third largest city, Nagoya, is only 50 kilometres from the Suzuka track. Visit historically important sites such as the stunning Nagoya Castle, built in 1612, and make sure to stop in OSU shopping district if you’re a committed shopaholic - it’s a true shopper’s haven.

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  • See the 17th race in the Grand Prix event calendar in Honshu, Japan

  • Take in the beauty of Japan in Autumn as well as some sightseeing alongside this nail-biting sporting event

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