Market Tour and Cookery Course, Tokyo

You’ll kick-start your day with a morning visit to the world’s largest fish market - Tsukiji Market. And when we say big, we mean big. This mega market handles around 2,888 tons of marine products a day, worth a cool 2.8 billion yen ($20m).

Among the markets aisle you’ll find over 450 types of fish, from penny-a-piece sardines to golden brown dried sea slug caviar which cost around $473 a pound. You’ll also find giant tuna, some of which reach the dizzying price of $8000 per fish. 

Take your time exploring this sprawling market, as well as the impressive seafood section you’ll find areas selling fresh vegetables and exotic fruits. Once you’re done wandering those head back to the seafood section to watch a whole tuna be cut and filleted professionally.

Once you’ve selected your goodies you’ll visit a typical Japanese home to learn how to cook with them. You’ll travel there by public transport and along the way your guide will be happy to answer all the questions you have about Japanese culture and daily life in Tokyo.

Over the course of the morning you’ll learn how to make maki sushi (this is the traditional rolled sushi that is readily available outside of Japan) as well as gunkan maki (sushi rice wrapped with a strip of seaweed and topped with soft ingredients) and nigiri sushi (sushi rice topped with a slice of raw fish).  Once you’ve finished preparing your various types of sushi it’s time to sit back and enjoy your seafood sushi feast.


  • Visit the world’s largest fish market

  • Learn to make sushi like a pro

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I love Japan for its striking contrasts of cities and national parks, and living and teaching in Tokyo was the chance to perfect my Japanese. I’ve now been a Japan travel specialist for 10 years and have explored it top to toe. My next challenge is to cycle the entire island of Shikoku, with its pilgrimage trail of 88 temples!

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