Tokyo Private Food Tour

Whatever you do, don’t fill up on sushi during the day as you will want to save yourself for the delicious foods you will be tucking into during your private evening food tour. You’ll be starting your culinary experience in in Tokyo’s business district of Yurakucho; famed for its small, traditional bars and restaurants where the office workers head to after work for a casual beer and a grilled chicken skewer (“yakitori”) in the so-called yakitori alley. Stopping at a typical yakitori establishment, you will select two yakitori of your liking from a massive selection of sweet, savoury, salty, dry or sauce covered skewers and wash them down with a refreshing drink.

Next, you'll hop on the underground and make your way to the downtown, ‘Shitimachi’ area of Tsukishima, a casual neighbourhood just across the river from Tsukiji market. The streets here are lined with small restaurants that all serve the famous ‘monjayaki’. This dish is one not the best looking, with a squashed omelette/pancake-like appearance but trust us, it’s delicious! Cooked on a hot plate on the table, monjayaki is a flour and vegetable batter that it mixed with a variety of different toppings and eaten with small iron spatulas. With full bellies following your dinner, the choice is yours – you can either head back to sleep it all off, or your guide can drop you off at an izakaya (Japanese pub) in central Tokyo where you can continue your evening independently.


  • Take your pick from a huge range of ‘yakitori’ (traditional chicken skewers)

  • Sample the odd-looking but delicious ‘monjayaki’

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I’ve explored Japan extensively whilst living and working in Asia, and I love its contrasts of vibrant cities and beautiful national parks. My favourite memory is of relaxing in a traditional onsen (hot-spring bath) on my balcony, after a full day exploring the Japanese Alps and with a full stomach from a 6-course local dinner!

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