Villages of Northern Laos, Muang La

Spend the day off the tourist trail, walking through beautiful countryside and stopping off to visit remote villages instead. This is a side of Laos that many tourists never see. The villagers rarely get outside visitors and for some of them, you might be the first foreigner they meet.

You’ll set off after breakfast to the completely isolated Ikhos village. The villagers originate from Tobet and Yunnan. Through your guide, the villagers will teach you about their daily lives and the customs they’ve been following for centuries. Then you’ll find a comfortable spot and have a picnic sitting more than 1000m above sea level. The views are absolutely incredible. (And they’re going to get better as the day goes on!).

Your last stop will be to the Hmong village of Ban Tauser – which is a 45 minute walk from Ikhos village. The route is very remote and leads to the most incredible 360 panoramic views. You’ll have to stop and just stare in amazement at the beautiful and vast countryside around you. The villagers here also originated from Tibet and you’ll learn all about the importance they place on their livestock as well as learning about their way of life.

The itinerary for today can be pretty flexible and your guide can prioritise where you go depending on if there’s any special markets or festivals taking place.


  • Have a picnic 1000m above sea level

  • Meet remote villagers who have seen very few foreigners

  • Enjoy stunning 360 degrees panoramic views of rugged countryside

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