Holidays to Malaysia

Split between the Peninsula Malaysia and Malaysian Borneo, separated by the South China Sea, the diverse landscape of Malaysia is a combination of extreme contrasts. While you may instantly think of Kuala Lumpur and orangutans, there’s so much more to discover, from remote hilltop villages and leafy jungles, to tranquil beaches and amazing diving spots. However the biggest draw is the culture - this is truly the melting pot for Asian influences and they combine in mouth-watering cuisine and wide-ranging architecture. Think Buddhist temples sat alongside mosques, and fragrant curries alongside spicy noodles.


  • Switch off on idyllic islands or dive into some of the world's best dive sites

  • Explore urban life in cosmopolitan cities & sleepy towns

  • Observe orangutans in their natural habitat

  • Taste the authentic, delicious street food

  • Immerse yourself in the diverse culture, visit mosques and temples in Kuala Lumpur

Key info

  • Capital city: Kuala Lumpur

  • Language: Malay & English

  • Currency: Malaysian Ringgit

  • Time difference: GMT + 8 hours

  • Flight time: 12.5 hours to Kuala Lumpur

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The sparkle of Southeast Asia really needs to be experienced first hand. My time living in Vietnam and exploring it’s neighbouring countries was incredibly special and I only wish that everyone could experience the incredible hospitality and sensory delights for themselves.

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Map of Malaysia

When to go to Malaysia

The weather in Malaysia is hot and humid year round. The west and east coasts have opposite climates, so the dry season on the west between November and February is rainy on the east coast. The wettest months on the west coast are between April to October, while these are considerable drier on the east coast. The Highlands can be visited year round, with increased rain throughout the summer months offering cooler temperatures than the rest of the mainland.