Holidays to Thailand

Having been popular with tourists since the 1960s, the Land of Smiles will welcome you with open arms. Characterised by its blend of dynamic cities, lush rainforests and unforgettable beaches, it’s easy to see why Thailand has remained one of southeast Asia’s most visited destinations for so many years. Throw in delicious cuisine and you have the perfect holiday recipe.

Thailand’s spirituality is clear to see with an incredible 40,000 temples, with more built each year. These ornate buildings (‘Wats’) remain an important part of Thai life, with daily visits and prayers made to the revered Buddha. Thai temples are beautifully decorated with ornate detail and colourful buildings in varying sizes, and offer a sense of peace to all who visit. Enlightenment awaits… 

With thousands of beaches and islands to explore it can be hard to decide which to choose for that perfect Thai beach holiday. No matter where you settle you’ll find crystal-clear waters, spectacular marine life and soft, white sands. Head off the beaten track to find a more peaceful spot, like Ko Lipe, or charter a long-tail boat to discover the numerous tiny islands dotted along the coast of Phuket. 

If you fancy channelling your inner Bear Grylls, head inland to one of Thailand’s 126 National Parks, home to some of the world’s most endangered species and a diverse range of wildlife. Experience lush forestation, dramatic waterfalls and, if you’re lucky, a chance encounter with an Asian elephant in Khao Sok

If the bright city lights are calling your name, Bangkok will not disappoint. Whatever you’re looking for here, chances are you’ll find it. Skyscrapers dominate the city, overlooking dozens of shopping malls and street markets, while down below you’ll uncover ancient buildings and bustling waterways. If the city buzz is too much, the smaller towns of Kanchanaburi and Ayutthaya are sure to satisfy.


  • Stretch out on some of Asia’s best beaches and idyllic islands

  • Admire the details of the many ornate temples across the country

  • Explore lush rainforests and national parks packed with wildlife

Key Info

  • Capital City: Bangkok

  • Language: Thai

  • Currency: Thai Baht

  • Time difference: GMT + 7 hours

  • Flight time: 11.5 hours direct to Bangkok

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When to go to Thailand

The best time to go to Thailand overall is between November to January, where the weather is ideal across most regions. The other months usually see a mix of sun and rain depending on the area you're thinking of visiting.