ElephantsWorld Tour, Kanchanaburi

Today will be an experience you ever forget! ElephantsWorld is a non-profit elephant refuge, set in peaceful natural jungle on the outskirts of Kanchanaburi.

You’ll be greeted by the centre’s volunteers who will give you an insight into the lives of many Thai elephants, and the efforts of the sanctuary to save these majestic creatures. They’ll also give you an overview of the relationship between the elephants and their ‘mahouts’, or caretakers.

Then the adventure truly begins! You’ll meet the elephants and join their mahouts as they go about their daily routine: foraging for food in the jungle, cutting down sugar cane or gathering bananas. It’s then time for a snack – for the elephants that is – an amazing chance to get close to these amazing creatures.

Returning to the main camp for a freshly-prepared Thai lunch, you’ll have a rest before heading back into the jungle where the elephants will be waiting for their afternoon bath. Jump into the river with them, helping them to cool off under the hot sun with a good scrub and splash about. Once they’re all clean (and you’re likely soaked from head to toe), lead them deeper into the forest where they will spend the night, then return to your hotel.

At VIVID we look to go above and beyond traditional animal ethics policy and are extremely disciplined in who we work with, so you can rest assured the experience is rewarding and positive for both yourself and the elephants. Relax and enjoy!


  • Feed & bathe majestic Asian elephants

  • Beautiful natural settings

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