Komodo Dragons & Orangutans

15 days from £3,595pp

It’s time to unleash your inner explorer as you take to the jungles, rainforests and oceans of beautiful Indonesia to see some of the planet’s most rare and wonderful creatures.  From fiery orange orangutans in the Gunung Leuser rainforest, to the heaviest lizard in the world at the Komodo National Parkyou’re sure to get your wildlife fix! If that wasn't enough, you'll also get the opportunity to sail around beautiful Komodo Island, go snorkelling and seek out turtles and manta rays.

You’ll also be sailing through Borneo on a houseboat and seeing one of the world’s best sunsets from the cliff-edged Uluawatu Temple, and there’s some beach time too, making this the perfect trip for those that just want to get out into the wilderness and enjoy everything that the natural world has to offer.


  • Stay on board a traditional sail boat and navigate around Komodo Island

  • Go in search of Komodo Dragons with a local ranger

  • Snorkel with tropical fish, turtles and possibly even manta rays!

  • Enjoy an evening wildlife trek, spotting nocturnal animals as they wake for the night

  • See Orangutans swinging through the trees, and pass them a banana from a feeding platform

  • Stay in Gunung Leuser rainforest; one of Indonesia's oldest national parks

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Komodo Dragons & Orangutans

15 days from £3,595pp


This exciting trip to Indonesia includes international flights, a private car and driver, excursions, accommodation, breakfasts and some lunches and dinners.

From the first conversation until you arrive home from your holiday, you’ll be looked after by one of our Travel Designers who has travelled extensively in the region and will give advice from their personal experience on how to make the most out of your trip. All of our trips are entirely bespoke and we will continually refine your itinerary until it’s perfect.







You’re off to Indonesia, where you’ll be getting up close and personal with its stunning nature and wildlife.

Touch down in Medan where - if time allows - you'll enjoy a short city tour. Once called Parijs van Sumdtra, or the 'Paris of Sumatra', Medan is the capital of North Sumatra province and the fourth largest city in Indonesia by population. It is an important trading hub and the gateway to the western part of Sumatra, with rapid development in recent years having improved infrastructure in the city.


Bukit Lawang


After breakfast it’s off to the Gunung Leuser rainforest, one of Indonesia's oldest national parks. The park itself is astonishing, with dense green trees blanketing the hillsides and a river meandering through its core - but for wildlife lovers, the main attraction is no doubt the Orangutans who live in the surrounding jungle.

After checking into your hotel in Bukit Lawangspend the rest of the day at your leisure, perhaps venturing on one of the many jungle trails, where you might catch a peek of the Orangutans swinging through the trees. 

On day 4 you’ll enjoy a full day of trekking. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for more flashes of orange in the treetops before embarking on a refreshing white-water tube ride downriver - it's the perfect way to cap off the day.

Things to do




After a morning of continued trekking through Bukit Lawang, you'll board a flight to bustling Jakarta

The capital and largest city in Indonesia, Jakarta is fast-paced and contains a myriad of exciting things to see and do. Jakarta is home to beautiful green parks, cosmopolitan shopping, diverse cuisine, historical centres and exciting nightlife.


Tanjung Puting


You’re off to Borneo! You'll take a short flight to Pangkalan Bun on day 6, where you’ll transfer directly to Kumai village and spend the day unleashing your inner explorer as you sail through the Kalimantan jungle on a rather unique houseboat. On day 7 you’ll cruise further up to Camp Leakey, a research centre that does phenomenal work to protect and study orangutans. Trek onwards into the depths of the jungle to see wild orangutans, gibbons, macaques and birds. You’ll also have the chance to get up close to the rehabilitated orangutans at a feeding platform where you can watch the rangers feed these amazing creatures. There’s more to see in the evening, when you embark on a night trekking expedition in search of nocturnal animals - then it’s back to your houseboat for the night where facilities are simple and basic enough to reinforce the excitement of being in the jungle, but comfortable enough for you to enjoy it.

On day 8 your houseboat will untie its ropes and take you to observe the unique ecology and wildlife that reside along the banks of the river. You’ll stop at two feeding stations to watch rangers feed orangutans, and you will visit the Pesalat Station to learn about re-forestation activities.




After all the excitement of the jungle, you're certain to appreciate the slower pace of life in Sanur in Bali. Spend two days at leisure - you can laze on the beach, explore the local restaurants, and enjoy serene sunsets with a cocktail in hand.

On day 11 you'll go to Uluwatu Temple to watch the Kecak Fire Dance Show. This experience will totally blow you away! From the moment you enter the clifftop temple you will be struck with some of the most spectacular ocean views you could ever imagine. When the show starts,  you won’t be sure whether to be more captivated by the incredible performance as masked characters dance and perform around a fire pit, or by the sun setting over the sea directly ahead, to a chorus of crashing waves on the beach below. You will be spoilt for choice with deciding which direction to point your camera!




Can't imagine how your trip could get any better? It's time to catch your flight to Labaun Bajo on the island of Flores, where you'll then board a wooden boat to Rinca Island, arguably one of the greatest locations on Komodo National Park

You'll have the chance to see these fearsome creatures in their natural habitat, as they lope along the forest floor. Then it's onto Kelor Island for an afternoon of snorkelling and trekking through Loh Buaya, before arriving on Kalong Island where you'll witness swarms of bats filling the night sky. After dinner, lay back and relax as the boat bobs gently, lulling you to sleep on your first night in the Komodo National Park.  

On day 13 it's back into the heart of Komodo itself. Follow the lizards’ trail and watch as they move menacingly, flicking their massive forked tongues out to taste the air – these fascinating creatures can reach 10 feet in length and weigh up to 200 pounds! After marvelling at just how huge they are, you will head back to your boat and continue on to Pink Beach for swimming and snorkelling. Then you’ll sail to Manta Point to see the rich marine life that live there - turtles, huge clams, various kinds of sponges and cuttlefish, along with healthy reefs and corals. If you're lucky, you may even get to swim with manta rays.

Things to do


Labuan Bajo

Activity & Adventure

After breakfast it’s time to sail back to the main island. You’ll get another chance to snorkel when you stop at a marine life hotspot near Sebayur Island, before sailing towards Labuan Bajowhere you will spend your final evening, exhilarated and buzzing from the amazing wildlife you have seen and eager to pour over all the photos when you get back home, ready to share your adventure with anyone who will listen.


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