Holidays to Canada

Known for its vast and breath-taking natural landscapes, your outdoor playground awaits in Canada. Whether you're looking for a self-drive adventure or want to take in the picturesque scenery on a rail journey through the Rockies, trips to Canada offer countless opportunities to get active, from kayaking and salmon fishing, to glacier walks and skiing.

Some of the most spectacular scenes in the country include glacier-fed lakes in Jasper National Park, the world-famous Niagara Falls, the mountain trails of Banff National Park, and the awe-inspiring Northern Lights in Churchill. Each province offers a different landscape, and the chance to spot indigenous wildlife like moose, whales, polar bears and of course, the famous grizzly bears.

Canada’s dynamic cities hold their own appeal with diverse cuisine, art galleries and museums galore. Practice your French in Québec, or head to an Asian night market in Vancouver's Chinatown. From Toronto’s world class theatre to Montreal’s Jazz Festival, the arts are an integral part of the cultural landscape of this beautiful country. There are events all over the country to appeal to all types of travellers, not least the Calgary Stampede held every July, when the whole city is taken over by cowboys - grab your stetson!

There’s plenty to keep your tastebuds happy in the Great White North. Drizzle your pancakes in maple syrup for breakfast, chomp into a bison burger in a local diner, sink your teeth into a succulent Albertan steak and don’t leave without trying that Canadian favourite, poutine - chips topped with cheese curds and gravy.


  • Witness some of the best scenery in the world, from the the vast national parks to Niagara Falls

  • Explore the vibrant metropolises of Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal and Québec City

  • Observe, hike, climb or take a train trip through the famous Rocky Mountains

  • Spot grizzly and polar bears with helicopter tours and 4x4 drives across the tundra

  • Ski or snowboard at Whistler and Lake Louise, two of the world's top resorts

Key info

  • Capital city: Ottawa

  • Languages: English & French

  • Currency: Canadian Dollar

  • Time difference: Toronto: GMT - 5 hours, Vancouver: GMT - 8 hours

  • Flight time: 8 hours to Toronto, 9.5 hours to Vancouver

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Map of Canada

When to go to Canada

As the world's second largest country, spanning an impressive six timezones - the weather across Canada can vary significantly. The eastern provinces experience much more seasonal climates, with cold winters and warmer summers. The west coast forms part of the Pacific temperate rainforests, and so rainfall over the winter and spring is high. With the exception of the northern regions, the majority of Canada experiences warm and pleasant summer and fall months. Generally the best time to travel to Canada is between May and September, unless you are travelling for winter pursuits.



Ski season is in full swing across Canada in January, with most mountain resorts receiving their peak snowfall. The temperature varies across the country at this time of year, from Vancouver - averaging at 5°C, to chilly Churchill at -24°C.  



The ski resorts are usually still in action throughout February with many winter festivals popping up across the country, including Québec City's Winter Carnival, Winterlude in Ottawa and the World Pond Hockey Tournament.  



The coldest days of winter are now behind us, although many ski resorts will still be in operation thanks to the winter backlog of snow on the higher peaks. Vancouver on the west coast will start to experience warmer temperatures, at around 10°C.  



With the exception of the northern provinces, most of the country will be welcoming the beginning of spring with it's improved temperatures and the first sightings of seasonal plants and animals.  



Spring is a great time to travel for prices and for beating the crowds. Most summer attractions are now open and although snow can still be seen on the mountain tops (making for some chilly evenings), the resulting scenery is beautiful.  



The long, warm days of June offer a great setting for outdoor activities. The sun will be shining across most provinces and it's a great time to travel if you are looking to avoid the crowds.  



With fantastic weather, this is peak travel season in Canada. Many hotels and lodges are completely full throughout the whole month. The famous Calgary Stampede also takes place in July.  



The sunny days continue and August remains a busy time of year for tourism across Canada, with accommodation in high demand.  



September is a very pleasant month to visit Canada, with the dwindling crowds and the slightly cooler temperatures. The salmon run is also in full swing on the west coast - prime feeding grounds for black and grizzly bears.  



The fall foliage colours at this time of year, particularly on the east coast, really are something to behold. October also marks the beginning of hockey season.  



Temperatures are much cooler, with Lake Louise dropping to an average of -9°C. This is an excellent time for polar bear viewing in Churchill, Manitoba as the ice begins to form on the winter feeding grounds.  



Winter has begun as most cities see temperatures dip below zero. The ski resorts are back in business and the darker days mean that in the northern regions, chances of a sighting of the aurora borealis are markedly improved.