Maligne Valley cruise, Jasper

The beautiful Maligne Valley in Jasper National Park is one of those places that you can imagine on the front of a postcard. It may sound cliché, but with its still blue-green lake, layers of graduated mountains casting a silhouette of colour, and dense clusters of Aspen trees with their distinctive leaves providing shelter to moose and other wildlife, a postcard scene is truly the best way to describe it.

You’ll be getting the chance to see this beautiful natural wonder in all its splendour during a 90-minute interpretive cruise. Travel along the tranquil waters of the Maligne Lake journeying 14 km, past snow and ice capped peaks, as you make your way towards Spirit Island.

One of the most photographed places in the Canadian Rockies, Spirit Island is a tiny grove of trees, separated from the mainland by an isthmus. Its beauty is only enhanced by its backdrop; a ring of impressive peaks, towering glaciers and deep, turquoise waters. Walking on the island is not permitted, but your boat will dock nearby so that you can enjoy a short walk to a spectacular viewpoint overlooking the mountain ringed southern shores of the Maligne Valley. Be sure to pack an extra memory card!


  • Sail past snow and ice-capped peaks, casting a series of graduated silhouettes over the water

  • View Spirit Island and the Maligne Valley from a spectacular viewpoint – have your cameras ready!

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