Grizzly bear tour, Telegraph Cove

Tucked away on the eastern coast of northern Vancouver Island, the tiny, picturesque village of Telegraph Cove is nestled in the heart of the Great Bear Rainforest. This is the starting point for your grizzly bear tour, where you'll be exploring the coastal mountains and the Knight Inlet in search of these magnificent animals. You’ll board a safe and comfortable coast guard-certified vessel in small groups and will have binoculars and an experienced naturalist to help you with your sightings. 

Sightings are common in the spring when hungry black and grizzly bears emerge from their hibernation dens after the snow melts to head to the water’s edge and the sedge grasses in the river lowlands, where you can watch them turning rocks to find crabs, seaweed and barnacles to feast on. They also feed on the grass itself and in fact, over 20% of their diet comes from vegetable protein.

Around August, the salmon run the mouth of the river and you can see the bears chasing them in the low tide pools. The sight of a giant bear wrestling with a slippery salmon is somewhat amusing, but sometimes they are lucky, which is a spectacular site. Other times they are beaten to it by swooping eagles – either is well worthy of a photo!


  • Watch grizzly bears flipping over rocks in search of their next meal

  • Watch giant bears grappling with a slippery salmon!