Eat like a Canadian food tour, Victoria

Canadian’s love their food and with so many delicious specialities, it’s no wonder. Thought it was all about maple syrup? Think again. (The syrup is delicious though so don’t worry, you’ll be trying that too!)

On this 3 hour tour you will discover what makes Canadian food different, learn about the fascinating history of Victoria and wander around the distinctive architecture in the downtown area, where you will meet some of the business owners that have helped put Victoria's wonderful cuisine on the map. See what all the fuss is about as you feast on classic Canadian dishes and tantalise you taste buds with a whole heap of flavours. Your guided tour will start at Fisherman’s Wharf, lead you through the Inner Harbour and end on Government Street with a cocktail.

You will visit seven famous local stops and sample at least 10 different foods and drinks – all with a unique Canadian twist. Sample the rich and intense Canadian Candied salmon, poutine; a dish made of cheesy chips and gravy, Nanaimo bars; a no-bake coconut and chocolate dessert and more. You’ll try a Caesar cocktail made with vodka, hot sauce and a Caesar mix and a beavertail; a Canadian style doughnut that is so-named due to its shape – funnily enough, like a beaver tail! Last but not least, no Canadian culinary adventure would be complete without trying their famous maple syrup so be sure to save room for this sweet treat.


  • Gorge on the famous Canadian Maple Syrup

  • Try a Beavertail; a Canadian doughnut shaped like the tail of a beaver!

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Born in Toronto, I spent two years living in British Columbia after university, where I was completely taken by the incredible wilderness and adventure opportunities. Since then, I’ve been lucky enough to travel extensively in the vast country of my birth, as well as in Alaska. Highlights have included observing the polar bears of Hudson Bay, viewing coastal Alaskan brown bears in Katmai National Park and spending time in the beautiful walled city of Quebec.

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