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Situated on the rim of the Arctic Circle in the wild north Atlantic Ocean, Iceland is home to some of the most dramatic landscapes on earth. Also known as 'The Land of Fire and Ice', this sparsely populated island earned its dramatic pseudonym thanks to the mighty natural forces that continue to carve out Iceland's striking other-worldly topography. The steaming geysers, thundering waterfalls, rolling lava fields and vast glaciers constitute a live geological theatre that continues to transfix visitors year-round. 

Iceland's unique and extreme setting lends itself well to an exciting menu of activity options. Aside from observing, trekking across and flying over its geological wonders, a bespoke Iceland itinerary can also include viewing the remarkable Northern Lights, fishing and puffin spotting in the Eastern Fjords, snowmobiling on the slopes of an active volcanic glacier, riding on Icelandic horses, relaxing in geothermal pools and much more. 

The country's culture is a particularly special one; be prepared for a warm welcome from a resilient, industrious population. Iceland is also home to a fascinating creative arts legacy, from medieval literary dramas to Nobel Prize laureates. Live music is very popular and can be found just about anywhere, from local bars to larger venues. Boutique shops and markets selling local arts and crafts are also abundant. Additionally, Icelandic cuisine is definitely something to get excited about. The traditional and better-known boundary-pushing dishes such as fermented shark or sheep's head are an option if you're feeling bold, however these days Icelandic restaurants are better known for their farm-to-table ingredients, fresh local seafood and interesting dairy products. The food scene in Reykjavík is particularly renowned. 

Iceland is a real year-round destination. In the winter you will find frozen waterfalls and on a lucky night, perhaps the Northern Lights. Summertime brings 24-hour daylight and lush green landscapes. It's also a great stopover location between Europe and North America. 



  • Take in Iceland's other-worldly landscape

  • Search for the Northern Lights

  • Relax in a geothermal pool

  • Enjoy the diverse, up and coming foodie scene 

  • Hike through the dramatic landscape

Key info

  • Capital City: Reykjavík

  • Language: Icelandic

  • Currency: Icelandic króna

  • Timezone: GMT 

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