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There are few places left to explore in the world that are as unique, mysterious or intriguing as Bhutan. A country that measures Gross National Happiness, ensures that at least 60% of the country remains forested for future generations and has gone one better than carbon neutral by actually absorbing more carbon than it emits, has quite rightly piqued the interest of many an intrepid traveller. 

Off limit to tourists until the 1970s, the country has also managed to future proof itself against the environmental and cultural threats that come alongside mass tourism by famously enforcing a 'tourist fee', which varies depending on the time of year that you visit. Although at first this may seem strange, it's worth keeping in mind that this tariff includes all accommodation, food, transport and official guiding - and of course the chance to spend time in this special country. Entry to the country can be difficult to organise, so careful planning is definitely required. Your Bhutan Travel Designer will be able take care of these details for you while creating an unforgettable itinerary that has been tailored to your requirements. 

A holiday to Bhutan will take you through some of the most biologically diverse national parks in the world, through remarkable Himalayan mountain passes as well as bringing you face to face with striking fortresses and sacred monasteries - the most famous of which is the cliff perched Taksang Monastery, or the 'Tiger's Nest', the iconic subject of many Bhutan photographs.

The wonderfully preserved beautiful landscapes stem from the strong desire to uphold traditional customs and values; the Bhutanese people believe that their most revered Gods and spirits reside in nature. Living in harmony with their natural environment is integral to the Bhutanese way of life. You will also experience the wonderful customs and traditions of this ancient and highly regarded culture as you observe locals living their daily lives in local dress and meeting at the bustling weekend markets to trade goods and gossip.


  • Visit the precariously perched 'Tiger's Nest Monastery', located 900m above the Paro valley

  • Watch an archery tournament, the country's national sport

  • Visit the national parks and look out for endangered species such as red pandas, snow leopards and tigers

Key Info

  • Capital City: Thimphu

  • Language: Dzongkha

  • Currency: Bhutanese Ngultrum

  • Time difference: GMT + 6 hours

  • Flight time: 12 hours via Delhi, Calcutta or Kathmandu

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