Evening Ghungroo performance and dinner, Delhi

This evening, cultural performance called Ghungroo tells the history of Delhi and its cultural impact on the rest of the country. Enjoy the performance’s intricate traditional costumes, local music and beautiful choreography.

Today’s New Delhi is the product of centuries of change, conflict and power struggles and the performance explains much of this. It also gives context to Delhi’s many monuments which you will have visited during the day. The performance starts off with the first known ruler of Delhi, Prithwi Raj Chauhan, takes you through the Bhakti movement and kathak dance forms before closing with Bollywood at the end.

After the performance head outside to impeccably laid tables, an Indian barbecue, tandoori flatbreads and a wide spread of delicious local curries for you to enjoy. 


  • Watch the history of Delhi unfold through the medium of dance

  • Enjoy an al fresco Indian barbecue

  • Learn about Delhi’s varied culture

Senior Travel Designer
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I spent almost a year living in India, volunteering and exploring, and this vibrant corner of the world always draws me back. I was once caught up in a local paint-throwing festival in Udaipur. We came away covered head to toe in red paint, but the experience was well worth it!

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