Holidays to Mumbai, India

Mumbai is a sprawling metropolis unlike anywhere else in the country. The largest city in India, it’s also the most cosmopolitan and home to many different cultures. Unlike some of the sleepier parts of India, Mumbai practically hums with entrepreneurial spirit and a busy pace of life that might tire even the most relentless of travellers.

The city – formerly known as Bombay – was built in waves of migration and its neighbourhoods have been shaped by these communities. Speaking of which, the sheer amount of people living, working and travelling in Mumbai is extraordinary and takes some getting used to. It’s a city full of extremes – it’s home to some of Asia’s biggest slums as well as some of the world’s most expensive homes.

In the heart of the city you’ll see some of the grandest and best kept colonial-era architecture in the world. Wander farther and you’ll come across buzzing bazaars, peaceful temples and excellent nightlife.

The city is home to some of the most famous museums and art galleries in India. Head to the Kala Ghoda area in South Mumbai for an excellent selection; among others you’ll find the Prince of Wales Museum and the National Gallery of Modern Art. The city also boasts an excellent theatre scene; and when in the land of Bollywood it would be almost rude not to catch a showing at one of the city’s cinemas.

Mumbai’s markets are second to none and the hustle of the vendors and buzzing crowds adds to the charm. If the smog gets too much, head to one of the pockets of greenery within the city. Failing that, head to Sanjay Gandhi National Park where you’ll find a tropical forest teeming with bright flora, many types of birds and even wild leopards.

Experience everyday life with a visit to the city's busy railway stations to see the famous Dabbawallas - lunchtime deliverymen - in action as they cart thousands of handmade lunches from office workers' homes right to their desks. You can also see extraordinary Dhobi Ghat, the world's largest open-air laundromat, which launders the city's sheets and returns them clean and pressed to local houses.

The fine dining scene is excellent here but to get an authentic flavour of Mumbai opt for street food and simple cafes. Be sure to trying some of the city’s best Goan seafood.


  • Visit India's modern commercial and cultural heart

  • Enjoy the cosmopolitan vibe, and rich museum and gallery scene

  • Indulge in excellent street food

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My travels have taken me through bustling streets of New Delhi and Mumbai, to the iconic wildlife of Central India as well as through the laid-back vibes of South India; the sheer size and diversity of India is a source of fascination for me. This vibrant corner of the world should definitely be on everyone’s list!

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