Mumbai Bollywood Experience

The term ‘Bollywood’ was born in the 1970s as a combination of the words ‘Hollywood’ and ‘Bombay’ so where better to experience this wacky movie making industry first hand than in Mumbai - the ‘City of Dreams’! 

You’ll kick off this exciting tour with an introduction to Bollywood and the latest news from the world of Mumbai showbiz. Then head straight into a dance workshop to try your own hand at Bollywood’s trademark moves.

Head to a live shoot to see the stars in action and afterwards explore the colourful sets with a local guide to interact with cast and crew members.

You’ll then pop into a Bollywood movie screening before finishing up at a recording studio to gain an insight into the sound and music operation that sits behind the film.

As a world-leader of film production worldwide, this fascinating tour will give you an insight into the wild and wacky world of Bollywood.


  • Bust some Bollywood moves in a dance workshop

  • Explore Bollywood sets and chat to the stars and crew

  • Visit a recording studio to understand the music production behind the films

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